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All Levels Yoga Classes

Sheila combines the best of a deep attention to anatomy with a graciousness that avoids insisting on pose perfection. In so doing, you make space for everyone to participate in and benefit from her classes.

This class is different than any other in town. The intent of this class is the three Rs: Rebalance, Relax, and to Revitalize. Each class leaves you feeling great!

No Experience is Necessary (14 and older welcome, however, this practice may not be best suited to teens or children). Arrive ready for anything and leave feeling totally uplifted!

Wednesday nights from 6:30 ? 7:30

Blanchard Valley Regional Cancer Center
15990 Medical Drive South, Findlay, Ohio
Across from Shady Grove Golf Course on Tiffin Ave.

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Listen to what a recent client has to say about KMI

KMI (Kinesis Myofacial Integration)

"One of the things that is most impressive about KMI Structural Integration is that until we begin this kind of bodywork we have no idea the depth, level of pain, pressure, and tension we are carrying in our bodies because we are so used to it"
A satisfied Spatial Therapy, LLC Client

Structural Integration was developed over sixty years ago by a pioneering biochemist and physiologist, Dr. Ida Rolf. Sheila?s primary structural integration teacher, Tom Myers, learned Structural Integration from Dr Rolf. Sheila is currently the only certified structural integrator with a practice in Findlay, Ohio.

Structural Integration shifts how you live in your body by rebalancing you in gravity. Some of the benefits of Structural Integration are better posture, better breathing, relief from chronic pain, resolution of past traumas, greater ease and range of movement, improved energy, and improved athletic performance.

Structural Integration is a system of ?hands on? myofacial manipulation that releases long held patterns of strain and restores ease. Myofascia refers to the body?s muscles and connective tissue. Fascia is the connective tissue; it is the organ of structure in the body. Fascia supports the skeleton and soft tissue, the position of the bones, determines the direction of muscle pull and movement, and gives the body shape. During your Structural Integration sessions, Sheila will use techniques that target your connective tissue to rebalance, unwind tension, and realign your structure ? helping you to live free!

The KMI ?brand? of structural integration concentrates on doing deep, lasting, and significant work, blended with movement re-education and sensitivity to the unfolding individual experience. This type of bodywork will take hold and you can have significant and lasting change. See the accolades tab for client testimonials.

Structural Integration is a health-enhancing project to restore you to a naturally moving and functioning body. Sheila offers multiple sessions to address immediate problems or a series of sessions to integrate your whole body. Each session builds on the work accomplished in the previous session. The effect of the work is cumulative, progressing from the ?superficial? to the ?core? layers, bringing your whole body into better balance with gravity.

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